Learn About the Great Gummi Worm

What is Babywormcore?

Babywormcore is an fashion style and lifestyle that uses pastels pinks, blues, and peachs. It uses spooky and cute motifs like pastel skulls and pink and purple bats. It also uses kawaii (cute) anime as well nature themes such as crystals and plants. Babywormcore's lifestyle is based on accepting imperfection, embracing childlike wonder, and finding harmony with the environment. Babywormcore activities include watching anime and cartoons, going on nature hikes, and learning about the arts and humanities.

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Fashion and Aesthetic

The fashion of babywormcore is influenced by pastel goth, kawaii animecore (especially magical girls), and green witch. Wormcore, nostalgiacore, kidcore, and goblincore also have influences on babywormcore. Babywormcore uses the pastels pinks and blues, occult symbolism, and goopy text of pastel goth while expanding the color palette to include more pastel oranges and peaches. Anime-inspired accesories such as jewelry, tattoos, and keychains accentuate this base. Green witch gives a natural slant to the aesthetic, including crystals, mushrooms, plants, and the elements.

A babywormcore room could feature pastel pink walls with fluorescent skull candles, a display of crystals and fossils, and several house plants. Cups of herbal tea sit on pink resin coasters shaped like spiderwebs. Anime posters and figurines, especially a Studio Ghibli or magical girl anime, are interspersed throughout the room. In the window is a suncatcher that sends a rainbow shimmering across the adjacent wall. The television is playing the Mario movie (the animated one), Scooby Doo, or Sailor Moon. In a pile of blankets on the floor, people snuggle and watch their nostalgic show.

Babywormcore Media

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Visual Art

Tenets of Babywormcore

These 13 Tenets define the outlook and philosophy of babywormcore.

  1. Red, Peach, and Teal
  2. These are the colors of babywormcore. The red stands for vibrancy, energy, and excitement for life. The peach is the warmth and gentleness of babywormcore. Teal, a mix of blue and green, stands for a connection to nature as well as a going with the flow.

  3. Embrace Whimsy, Seek Wonder
  4. The world is a wonderful place! Sure there is a lot that isn't fun, but there is so much beauty to be seen from galaxies to microbes. We'll never see it all and we'll never make it out alive, so why be so serious? Cultivate your own garden and fill it with butterflies and native plants.

  5. Be Creative in Your Own Way
  6. Our society makes it feel like you have to be a professional to be creative and that's just not true. Get a coloring book, a canvas, or an otamatone and start being creative. Creative acts are part of the human experience and self expression and not just a revenue stream.

  7. Love the Creepy Crawlies
  8. Love all living things includes bats, bugs, and even the weird jelly things at the bottom of the sea. We are surrounded by tiny life that is as strange and exciting as any alien. Just because they don't meet conventional beauty standards (neither do I) doesn't mean they shouldn't be cherished and protected.

  9. Keep it Spoopy
  10. Halloween and trick or treating are such amazing times in our childhood, why give up on that and only have the spookiness once a year? Whether your vibe is kawaii witch or bog witch, get your rainbow skull candles and bat gummis out and keep the mystique and wonder of the holiday alive all year round.

  11. Nurture an Inclusive Wormnest
  12. Everyone is welcome. Every human is deeply flawed in their own way, including you and me, and that's ok. Try to keep your own flaws in mind and see past the flaws of others so you're not picking at splinters and missing your own plank. We're here for a good time, not a long time.

  13. Be the Magical Wormgirl You Want to See
  14. Think of Sailor Moon, Akko from LWA, and Cardcaptor Sakura. They're optimistic beams of light to those around them! Improve yourself and grow in the ways you need to so you can inspire those around you. The best part of being human is there is always room for improvement!

  15. "The Highest Good is Like Water
  16. Which nourishes all things and does not compete. It flows in the low places men reject and is so like the Great Gummi Worm." The universe is going to do what it's going to do. Being like water and giving way to the tides of fortune while doing our best for the people and places around us is the best we can do.

  17. Anime, Cartoons, Nostalgia
  18. Sometimes, in the course of adulthood, we feel like we have to give up childish things to focus on the doldrums of modern life. The best part of adulthood is that we can be as childish as we want. Buy crayons, watch cartoons and anime, and rediscover what brought you joy in childhood.

  19. Explore, Whether as a Bookworm or a Hikingworm
  20. There is more in the world than someone can possibly learn in a single lifetime, so learning never has to stop. Pushing the frontiers of our experiences helps us to grow and better understand the human experience. Pick a random page on wikipedia, find a tourist attraction in your own city, go caving!

  21. Be Nice to the Earth, the Worms Live There
  22. Solving the ecological problems of our day is beyond a single person, but you can still make a commitment to yourself. This could be as simple as doing a meatless monday or as dedicated as activism. "You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it (Pirkei Avot 2:21)."

  23. Spread the Brainworms
  24. This doesn't mean spread the aesthetic, the philosophy, or the lifestyle. This means spreading peace and joy while acknowledging that life can be hard or hurt sometimes. Being alive is a gift that we only receive for a short time in an uncertain world.

  25. Praise the Great Gummy Worm
  26. The Tao, Plato's One, Good, and Beautiful, Indra's Net, the conception of the universe as a single, indivisible whole has been explored from many facets and names. We prefer the Great Gummy Worm and we are all just wriggles of the Great Gummy Worm that are conscious of themselves.


Below are some of the inspirations for babywormcore and it's outlook.

Temple of the Great Gummi Worm

Bankrolled by an eccentric billionaire in the 1960s and manufactured by a Mexican candy company, the Temple is a giant gummi worm laying in the middle of the Yucatan Penninsula that has been hollowed out into a myriad of rooms for monks, nuns, worship services, and teeth-achingly sweet feasts.


Originally assumed to be a corruption of 'trial by combat', references to Conrad were sparse and his existence as a figure within ancient babywormcore was debated by scholars. Recent archeological discoveries have made references to Conrad unequivocal, but little is known about who or what Conrad is outside of references to ooze and depictions of a game disturbingly similar to Chinese checkers (which is actually German).